21 November 2019

The versatility of dried Italian apple

Drying is the most common method of preservation of fruits and other sensitive products to prevent spoilage and quality decay. European apple production has had a year of declining volumes coming from the orchards (- 20%)*. The Italian apple harvest was relatively good (< -5%) compared to the rest of Europe, but high-quality fruit for... Lees meer


8 November 2019

Diced Crunchy Cranberry

Diced Crunchy Cranberry™, the newest Innovation of our longterm partner Ocean Spray ITG, the world’s leading producer of cranberry products,... Lees meer

31 October 2019

Meat substitutes

Meat substitutes are extremely popular. Since 2017, the number of meat substitutes sold in the supermarket in the Netherlands has been increased... Lees meer