The market of Plant based Dairy is booming. In 2020, the market for Plant based dairy in the Netherlands has even increased by 11.4% and going through the €100 million limit.

The products no longer only attract the small group of people who avoid animal products for an allergy or ethical reasons. Sales growth comes mainly from purchases from consumers looking for a good balance between health and sustainability.
* source: IRI Nederland

As a base for dairy analogues, the following ingredients are often used: Soy, Almond, Oats, Coconut and Rice. When developing plant-based dairy products, the following technical challenges often emerge:

  • Stability (Sedimentation)
  • Texture (Viscosity)
  • Mouthfeel (Sandiness)
  • Taste (off-flavour, flat and watery taste)

Solution Stability and Texture:

When stabilizing plant based milk, an increase in viscosity plays an important role in reducing coagulation of proteins and therefore reducing sedimentation. However, the viscosity cannot become too high because otherwise the end product gets a too lobed texture. The process plays an important role in the choice of a hyrdocolloid because not all hydrocolloids are easily soluble. Contined offers various possibilities in vegetable hydrocolloids in the source of Pectin and Citrus fibre. These are very suitable for achieving an ideal balance between stability and viscosity and thus reducing sedimentation without negativity impacting the texture. Additional benefits are: an improved mouth feel and a better release of flavours.

Solution Mouthfeeling and Taste:

The particle size of the base ingredients have a significant influence on a sandy and stiff mouthfeel that currently  many plant based products have to deal with. Also, vegetable ingredients often contributes to a noticable off-flavour and in general the taste is very flat. An important aspect of this is the lack of fatty acid chains that play a big role in giving a creamy and greasy taste profile and masking flavours.

Contined offers a solution of concentrated fatty acid chains based on sunflower oil that give a taste enrichment to vegetable products while masking the off-notes. This product is also very suitable in lowering total fat count in your application.

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