The demand for clean label is growing fast over the years. Therefore a lot of companies are reformulating existing recipes. Finding suitable clean label alternatives is not always easy. When found a clean label ingredient, it often requires a different process, which can make it difficult to work with. In texturing food, it is often a challenge to realize a good constant quality on texture and stabilization over time.

Contined is working together with reliable partners in clean label solutions on texture and stabilization. These solutions are all based on fruit and are derived from citrus fruit and apple.

Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus and Apple

Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus is a high functional fibre which binds water at a ratio of: 25 g water/g fiber. Depending on the energy (shear) in the production process the ratio can be up to: 45 g water/g fibre. With this high waterbinding it is a real champion in the market for clean label texture and stability solutions. This makes Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus fibre very useful for the replacement of starches, guar Gum, xantan Gum, carrageenan and many other Hydrocolloids, to create viscosity and to stabilize the product during the shelf life.

Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple is a newly developed high functional fibre. It binds water in the ratio of 23,5 g water/g fibre. Due to its excellent cold swelling properties, Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple gives a nice pulpy texture which is the preferred hydrocolloid used for: soups, sauces and fruitprep applications.

An important advantage of Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple is that there are no negative influences of pH, salt and sugar content on the waterbinding capacity of this unique fibre. It does not matter in which step of the production Herbacel®AQ® Plus Apple is added and therefore it is a very easy to use ingredient.

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The ingredient pectin is a label friendly hydrocolloid and famous because of its gelification properties. These days, pectin is not only used anymore for low pH products like (jams, drink yoghurt, glaces, fruit drinks etc.) but also for higher pH applications, like (caramel/chocolate fillings, licorice, protein drinks etc). This makes pectin suitable for many more application where gelification is needed.

With both technical solutions (fibres and pectin) it is import to have the right support in developing new recipes and evaluating process consequences. With a strong team of technical sales people, Contined can support you in order to shorten the development process with a higher chance on success.

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