Clean label is an easy to understand label that enable all consumers to understand what they are eating, this trend that got big in 2016 is still ongoing. Due to continuously growing awareness for the need of healthier food, natural ingredients and on transparent food chain, clean labels remain important for the entire supply chain in food.  

Contined as your clean label partner  

We as Contined always positioned our self as a partner bringing knowledge to their customers. We are not just selling ingredients, we help food producers to overcome problems in their recipe, create new applications, keep ahead of new trends in the market and try to bring more natural and healthy products in the market.  

Clean label solutions  

Below you can find some of our most interesting clean label solutions. If you are interested in trying on of these solutions or if you have another ingredient you want to replace, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you to improve your product! 

Replace E150 with apple extract

Are you looking for a natural brown colouring from fruit? Herbarom® is an apple extract with high levels of polyphenol, naturally present in apples, that enables an intense dark brown colouring. The apple extract is standardized to constant colour intensity and is heat, pH and light stable. The flavour from the fruit complements the flavour profile.  More info about Herbarom®? click on the link!

Fruit fibres for clean label texturizing

Looking for replacement of xanthan gum, carrageenan and other e number additives for texturizing, fruit fibres can be the perfect solution. We can offer highly functional fruit fibres derived from lemon and lime peels and from apple pommace. These functional fibres can be declared as citrus fibre or apple fibre and are perfect texturizing solution for applications like sauce, meat, ice cream, beverages, fruit preps, confectionary and bakery.

Fruit or vegetable declarations

Recent launches in NPD involve natural ingredients and declarations, most of the time in combination with fruit or vegetable based ingredients. Replacing cristallized sugar with a fruit powder such as apple or grape? Strive for vegan protein enrichment with vegetable powders?  Do you want to enhance the “Health Halo” of your products? These are all examples of the versatility in applications using fruit or vegetable based ingredients.

Our fruit powders have a ratio where 1 kg of powder calculates back to 5 – 7 kg of fresh fruit or puree. Small dosages can already help boosting your fruit declaration and enhance the natural fresh taste of fruits in your application. Long shelf-life, fruit content and allergen free are keywords to keep in mind in new developments or reformulations. Are you interested in our product assortment? Just click “here” to get in contact with our specialists!

Replace citric Acid with Acerola or Lemon

Looking for  a clean label solution to remove ascorbic acid from your product declaration? Due to the high vitamine C content of acerola and lemon could be used to replace ascorbic acid. Our concentrates of acerola and lemon can easily be used to replace ascorbic acid. Want to know if your application is suitable to replace ascorbic acid? Contact us.


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