For more than 30 years Contined is known in the market as a reliable partner that provides food solutions based through innovative ingredients. To strengthen this position for the future, Contined started the membership with FoodValley and The Protein Cluster.


FoodValley offers a platform of resources and opportunities in an (inter)national business network to accelerate innovation and market introduction, and to attract potential partners and investors. Click here for more information on FoodValley.

The Protein Cluster (TPC)

The Protein Cluster (TPC) is the first global platform for ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, retailers, caterers and other stakeholders seeking ready to use plant-based, vegan or vegetarian solutions. Enabling them to expand their business and meet changing consumer demands towards a healthier and more sustainable diet using more plant-based products. Click here for more information on The Protein Cluster (TPC).

Every day Contined is working on new ideas and innovative solutions and recipes which are tested in the lab of Contined for an optimal composition of any food product in a natural way.

For instance by:

  • Binding, gelation and improving texture
  • Masking, completing and enhancing taste
  • Increasing the fruit content
  • Increasing the fibre content
  • Solutions to fat,sugar and salt reduction
  • Colour enhancement with natural (fruit) ingredients
  • Preventing oxidation
  • Garnishing products

Being a member of both platforms with great innovative character, Contined is looking forward to help with innovative solutions and the introduction or acceleration of new products in the market.


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