Bridge to Better Food

Already since 1988 Contined has been a reliable distributor of food ingredients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (Benelux).

Our assortment consists of specialized functional and fruit ingredients that provide added value.

Situated in Wageningen, the heart of knowledge and innovation in Agro Food, we act as a link between producers and customers. Together we work on new ideas and innovative solutions and in our own lab we test new combinations and recipes.

In line with our motto Bridge to Better Food we strive for an optimal composition of your products. With our expert knowledge we like to help improve your products, for instance by:

  • Binding, gelation and improving texture
  • Masking, completing and enhancing flavours
  • Increase the fruit content
  • Increase the fibre content
  • Colour and flavour enhancement with natural (fruit) ingredients
  • Preventing oxidation
  • Garnishing your products

In this way we want to contribute to high quality and healthy food across different market industries.