Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple is a newly developed highly-functional apple fibre from our long term partner Herbafood. It has a very high water binding capacity (23,5 g/g) and is very easy to handle since no processing is required.

This apple fibre has excellent cold swelling properties and is not negatively influenced by acid, sugar, salt and other minerals and therefore this fibre can be added at any time in the process. Additionally, Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple is heat- and freeze stable.

Another huge advantage of this unique apple fibre is that it does not mask salt taste or flavours and therefore improves the flavour profile. Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple provides a natural solution to reduce carbohydrates, salt and fat and to replace thickeners and stabilisers. The main advantages of this innovative apple fibre are:

Optimal texturization

  • Precise adjustment of viscosity
  • Short, pulpy texture
  • Improved consistency

Reformulation: Sugar and salt reduced products

  • Improved flavour release
  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Enhanced stability and decreased syneresis

Applications for Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple are:

  • Soups and sauces
  • Meat and (vegan) meat alternatives
  • Fruit preparations and -fillings
  • Instant powders and -products
  • Bread, cakes and pastry products

Contined is looking forward to help you with the implementation of Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple in your recipe. Click here to learn more about our (functional) fruit fibres and here for our partner Herbafood.


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