The international confectionery market is booming. There are many new developments going on in terms of:


  • Healthiness;
  • No artificial additives;
  • Products with higher fruit content;
  • Allergen free;
  • Vegan;

Due to these developments the amount of innovation on: soft dried fruits , fruit jellies and fruit pieces is rapidly increasing. With these kind of products the following technical challenges can occur:


  • Prevent stickiness;
  • Simple coating (processability);
  • Easy to cut fruit pieces;
  • Avoiding sugar as coating for jellies;
  • Optimal sensorial properties;
  • Natural fruit-like texture;
  • Improved mouthfeel and taste;

Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus en Herbacel® AQ®Plus Apple are highly functional natural fruit fibres which are manufactured using freshly harvested, de-juiced and carefully dried fruits. These fibres are the optimal ingredients to tackle above challenges and to respond on the new developments in confectionery.

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