Are you looking for a clean-label ingredient for brown colouring? Herbarom® is a natural apple extract from our long-term partner Herbafood and is in line with the increasing demand for natural food and clean label ingredients.

Herbarom® is an apple extract with high levels of polyphenol, naturally present in apples, that enables an intense dark brown colouring. The apple extract is standardized to constant colour intensity and is heat, pH and light stable. The flavour from the fruit complements the flavour profile.  

Often producers ask for a natural brown colouring without adding sweetness. Therefore Herbafood offers a sugar reduced option with a huge impact on colour, named Herbarom® AF24-SR (± 18.000 EBC). This product is also available in powder form. In the image below all Herbarom® variants can be seen.

Interesting applications for Herbarom® are among other:

Bakery products
  • Brown colouring of (gluten-free) products
  • Improved fresh keeping
Meat and meat analogues
  • Natural brown colouring
  • Easy to use
Sauces, marinades and condiments
  • Natural colour enhancement
  • Stable in an acidic environment

We are more than happy to assist you with the implementation of Herbarom® in your recipes.

You can click for more information about Herbarom® in general and in savoury applications.


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