Awareness of healthier choices is increasing amongst consumers and, consequently, so is the demand for vegetarian and vegan products. As a result, the trend in sweets is towards gel­atine-free products.

By combining pectin and starch in the production of gum sweets “innova­tive” textures are being created which combine the benefits of both hydrocolloids, i.e. reduced stickiness and good release of flavours caused by the pectin and a chewy texture coming from the starch. This pectin and starch blend also has technological and process-related benefits which leads to reduction in storage costs, energy costs and a higher output.

During the shelflife the fruit gums with pectin have a more stable texture than those with starch alone because the are not drying out that quickly. This effect is shown in the figure below.

Fig. 1: Effect of pectin content, starch content and storage time on the product’s firmness

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