Meat substitutes are extremely popular. Since 2017, the number of meat substitutes sold in the supermarket in the Netherlands has been increased by 51 percent. Over the past 52 weeks, 2.6 billion euros has been spent in the Netherlands on meat products and substitutes, of which 123 million euros on meat substitutes. At AH, the number of vegetable burgers, vega sausages, soy schnitzels and other vegetarian options has increased by 33 percent since 2016 to 100 different products. Jumbo has nearly 200 meat substitutes on the shelves. (Bron: NOS, Vleesvervangers bezig met snelle opmars) 

Developing a meat substitute entails many challenges. Contined offers a wide range of ingredients for a.o. improving the color, taste and texture of meat substitutes. We offer customized advice and help with the entire development process. A selection from our range with many successes in the meat substitute industry:

Solution for colour: Herbarom

When you need to bring out the taste and colour without resorting to isolated colourings, Herbarom is always the first choice. Herbarom, from our long-term partner Herbafood, intensifies the ‘bloody’ red appearance and improve their optics with brown colouring. Since Herbarom is made from an apple extract, it has a friendly image that can be used for clean labelling. For more information about Herbarom you can read the brochure or contact us directly.

Solution for taste: ButterBuds

ButterBuds has developed a new range of vegan, Non-Dairy Products. This is a line of concentrated flavours that contain no dairy ingredients but providing the rich and creamy flavour of real butter and cream, without risk of exposure to dairy allergens. Using ButterBuds’ proprietary enzyme modification process, and a unique combination of raw materials, this products range offers a variety of flavour profiles. Besides providing the rich and creamy flavour, this product range is also widely used to cover off-flavors (e.g. plant-based proteins), balance and harmonize the flavour profile, enhance the mouthfeel of products and make the taste last longer in your mouth. The unique point of ButterBuds is that, besides giving a (dairy) top-note, it also boosts the base- and midnotes of products.

Solution for texture: Herbacel AQ Plus

Our long-term partner Herbafood has several highly functional fibres on the market. Besides their much demanded Herbacel AQ Plus Citrus (link invoegen) , they have launched their newest innovation: Herbacel AQ Plus Apple (link invoegen). These multifunctional fibres have a very high water binding capacity (resp. 23.5 g/g and 25.0 g/g for apple- and citrus) and are ideally suited for texturizing a wide range of products. These fibres improve the binding quality and juiciness and improve the processing properties and malleability. These fibres are easy to use, are sensory neutral and not affected by heating or freezing.

We are happy to be of your assistance and help you to overcome challenges when developing meat substitutes.


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