The Crunchy Cranberry™, the newest Innovation of our longterm partner Ocean Spray ITG, the world’s leading producer of cranberry products, is now available.

The Crunchy Cranberry™ are a unique alternative to freeze-dried fruits. It is less hygroscopic, has a superior texture, great taste and fits perfectly in trends like snacking with your eyes and crunchy sensations.

The product is furthermore easy to process, free flowing, does not crumble and has a vibrant red colour. This makes Crunchy Cranberries very applicable in snacks, cereals, chocolate & salad or yoghurt toppings. Click here for more info.

Would you like to taste how crunchy fruit can be? Contined has samples available and the members of our salesteam would love to tell you more about this excellent new cranberry and the world’s No. 1 cranberry  supplier, Ocean Spray.


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