Our latest specialty: free flowing goldenberry pieces! These are made of 100% dried goldenberries and are easy to process.

Because of the innovative process, the granulate has retained the nice, ‘golden’ colour of dried goldenberries and is perfect for decoration of bakery products, chocolate or blended in dry (seasoning) mixes. It has a low activity of water (Aw-value) and is process stable.

The product is packed in a bucket of 15 kg and the granulate can easily be poured directly from the bucket.


Goldenberry granulate is available in several particle sizes:

  • < 1 mm
  • 1-3 mm
  • > 3 mm

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Benefits of goldenberry granulate:

  • Made from dried goldenberries, without other additives
  • Natural ‘golden’ colour and process stable
  • Free flowing, so easy to process
  • Ideal for decoration


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