In North America it is a classic and also in Europe the cranberry is becoming increasingly popular. Our supplier Ocean Spray® regularly comes up with innovations and new variants, making this healthy berry widely applicable. 

Initially the cranberry was mainly used to make juice, but the berry also appeared to be very tasty and nutritious as a sweetened dried fruit.

Cranberries contain fibres, anti-oxidants, minerals and PAC’s, which can help to prevent urinary infection. This fits in well with both healthy food trends and the consumer demand for indulgence.

Ocean Spray® is the leading producer of cranberries in North America, offering products of the highest quality. As a grower-owned agricultural cooperative they work closely together with the growers. Watch the movie in the left bar for beautiful images of the harvest!


Sweetened dried cranberries are available in the following sizes:

  • Classic Whole
    Whole sweetened dried cranberry
  • Diced
    Cut into pieces
  • Classic Soft & Moist
  • Double Diced
    Cut into small pieces

In addition Ocean Spray® developed other specialties in terms of sugar and moisture content:

  • Juice infused
    Sweetened with pineapple syrup
  • Apple Juice infused
    Sweetened with apple juice
  • Low Moisture Glycerated
    Stops moisture migration
  • Intermediate Moisture
    Very low moisture content

Bridge to Better Food

Benefits of sweetened dried cranberries:

  • Natural red colour and fresh-sour taste
  • Maintain colour, shape and texture
  • Process tolerant
  • Many applications and long shelf-life


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