Boysenberries combine the best of Loganberries, Blackberries and Raspberries. This beautiful berry with its deep colour consists of many small berries and is about twice the size of a raspberry. Boysenberries have a sweet and mild sour taste. 

Although Boysenberries are not well known yet in the Benelux, the Boysenberry exists since 1920. The name Boysenberry comes from the Californian berry farmer, Rudolph Boysen. The boysenberry has been introduced in New Zealand in 1930 and due to the optimal climate in New Zealand, New Zealand is now one of the largest producers of Boysenberries.

Contined works together with Boysenberries New Zealand to promote and sell this great berry in the Benelux. Boysenberries New Zealand, established in 1989, is a grower owned co-operative and is the largest Boysenberry producer of New Zealand.

Some great pictures and applications with Boysenberries can be found on their Instagram account.

Features of the Boysenberry: 

  • High in Vitamine C
  • High content of anthocyanins (9.2 mg / g)
  • High content of dietary fibres (5,6 %)

The Boysenberry is a fantastic ingredient for dairy, bakery, juices, jams, ice cream and jellies due to its great taste and nutritional features.

We can offer the following Boysenberry ingredients: 

  • IQF Boysenberries
  • Block frozen boysenberries
  • Boysenberry concentrate 65 brix
  • Aseptic Boysenberry puree


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