After the harvest the whole cranberries are carefully cleaned, sorted, frozen and cut as needed.

Ocean Spray® is the leading producer of cranberries in North America, offering products of the highest quality. As a grower-owned agricultural cooperative they work closely together with the growers. Watch the movie in the left bar for beautiful images of the harvest!

Because the cranberries are frozen as soon as possible after the harvest, the most important nutrients are preserved as well as the natural deep red color.

The shape and structure of the cranberries remain nicely visible because the cranberries are cut while they are still frozen. The frozen cranberries are ready-to-use and easy to process (IQF).


Our frozen cranberries are available in two different sizes:

  • Whole cranberries (Superior)
  • Sliced cranberries (Sliced)

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Benefits of our frozen cranberries:

  • 100% cranberry
  • Natural deep red colour
  • Remain shape and structure
  • Easy to process


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