Acerola, world champion in vitamin C content

The Acerola is a cherry like fruit that is red when fully ripe. An interesting fact of Acerola is when it is unripe and the colour is still green, the vitamin C levels are higher. This fruit has a light sour taste and because of its vulnerability, it is immediately processed after the harvest. This fruit, coming from both Brazil and Vietnam, has the highest natural vitamin C content of all fruits. Besides the high vitamin C content, the Acerola als contains Riboflavin. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is an important vitamin for the energy recources in human bodies. 


We are proud to work with  Niagro® , the market leader in Acerola production. Niagro® is a specialist on both producing and processing Acerola products. Niagro® is producing most of their Acerola in Brazil but also has production in Vietnam.

Acerola to replace ascorbic acid

Looking for  a clean label solution to remove ascorbic acid from your product’s declaration? Due to the high vitamine C content of Acerola, our acerola products could be used to replace ascorbic acid. Want to know if your application is suitable to replace ascorbic acid? Contact us, Contined would love to help you obtaining this goal.

Our acerola specialties

From Niagro® we can offer the following products:

  • 65 brix clear Acerola concentrate
  • 65 brix cloudy Acerola concentrate
  • 50 brix clear Acerola concentrate
  • 6-9 brix Acerola puree
  • 6-9 brix organic Acerola puree

Bridge to Better Food

What makes Acerola a fantastic ingredient to use:

  • Continuously available
  • Process stable in cold and hot applications
  • Highest content of vitamin C in fruit
  • Contains riboflavin


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