Cranberry concentrate is made of filtered Ocean Spray® cranberry juice, without further additions.

Cranberry concentrate is produced by Ocean Spray®. The concentrate is prepared from depectinized, filtered juice derived from properly matured, cleaned cranberries. It is concentrated under low temperatures and vacuum and the essence fraction is returned.

The concentrate immediately gives an intense bright red color to your product and the distinctive cranberry flavour. The concentrate is liquid, but is delivered frozen in drums of 232kg.

Looking for a fruit that is low in sugar?

First the market was looking for application without added sugars but nowadays we see that the total count of sugar and calories are important. Cranberry (raw material) has only 4,6 grams of sugar and 46 calories per 100 gram.


Cranberry Juice concentrate is available in two variants:

  • Cranberry concentraat 50 Brix
  • Cranberry concentraat 65 Brix
  • Organic cranberry concentrate 50 Brix

Bridge to Better Food

Benefits of our cranberry concentrate:

  • 100% cranberry
  • Fruit declaration, clean label
  • Intense bright red color
  • The real cranberry taste


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