Full of taste and color

This healthy and versatile fruit provides great taste, colour and many health benefits. 

Sunsweet is the world’s largest and most famous brand of dried tree fruits including prunes, apricots and mangos. Sunsweet Growers Inc. is a grower-owned cooperative and represents more than 25% of the prune market worldwide. They process nearly 60,000 tons of famous Sunsweet Prunes a year!

Founded in 1917 as the California Prune and Apricot Growers Association, its cooperative served as a marketing group to offer the crops to the public under the brand name “Sunsweet”. Today, Sunsweet processes and markets the dried fruit production of nearly 250 grower-members with orchards throughout California’s central valley.

Prunes contains a rich blend of fibres, sugars, acids and antioxidants. With this versatile ingredient you can improve a variety of foods while also minimizing sugar, salt, fats and artificial ingredients.

Fresh plum concentrate, made from the juice of fresh prune plums, is a versatile plum ingredient which enhances flavour, provides natural sweetness and has an attractive red colour. Prune juice concentrate is made from dried plums and provides flavour enhancement, natural sweetness, moisture binding and gives a deep rich colour. Very suitable applications for prune concentrate are bakery products, confectionary, beverages, snacks, sauces and meat(analogues).


Our prune concentrates are available in the following variants:

  • Fresh plum concentrate
  • Prune juice concentrate
  • Also available: diced prunes and prune puree

Bridge to Better Food

Benefits of prune concentrate:

  • Flavor enhancement
  • Provides natural sweetness
  • Promote Moisture Retention
  • Lipid oxidation supression
  • High level of antioxidants
  • Attractive color




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