Fibers are an important part of a healthy diet. The use of vegetable fibers not only increases the fiber declaration in your product, it also provides a better structure and increased water binding.

Our apple and citrus fibers are natural products with a high water-binding capacity that meet today’s healthy food trends such as gluten-free, natural and high content of fibers. Our supplier Herbafood is specialist in functional fruit ingredients made from apples and citrus fruit.

The fruit fibers are won from the cell wands of apples and citrus fruit and have a high water binding capacity that improves the freshness of your product. These fibers are distinctive because of their high content of soluble dietary fibers and are available in different particle sizes, from fine powder to coarse granules.


Herbafood has developed a wide range of dietary fibers, with diverse nutritional as well as technological properties. Our account managers have the technical knowledge to advise you on the most suitable variant for your product and production process.

Bridge to Better Food

Benefits of our fruit fibers:

  • High content of soluble fibers
  • Available in medium to high water binding capacity
  • Available in different particle sizes
  • Gluten-free and clean label


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