Pectin is a gelling agent that is naturally present in fruit. Our pectines are obtained from the cell walls of apples and citrus fruit. It improves the structure, stability and taste of your product in a natural way. 

What kind of pectin you will need depends on many factors, such as the recipe, the soluble solids content, filling temperature, your production process and the characteristics of the final product.

Our supplier Herbstreith & Fox is specialist in the field of pectin. They have extensive product knowledge and are always willing to help you find the best solution for your specific product.

For both apple and citrus pectins, there are good reasons. For example, apple pectins provide an excellent flavour release and citrus pectins have a very light colour.

Our account managers have the technical knowledge to advise you on the most suitable variant for you, or we can start a R&D project together with Herbstreith & Fox.


Herbstreith & Fox has developed various types of pectin:

  • Classic: high, medium and low ester
  • Amid: high and low ester
  • Combi (apple-citrus): high ester
  • Instant: high ester

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Benefits of our pectins:

  • Provides structure and stability
  • Natural ingredient
  • Neutral taste and fine structure
  • Makes other fruit flavours come out better


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