The original variety of Californian plum was imported to California in the 19th century by Louis Pellier from his home country, France. The plants found ideal conditions in the fertile valleys warmed by California sunshine. A full third of global prune production now comes from California, where our partner Sunsweet is based. The cooperative of more than 300 farmers is now the world’s most popular prune brand.

Plums that are processed into prunes are among the few fruits that are allowed to ripen on the tree before harvest. In late summer, the fruit has achieved perfect firmness and sugar content – and this is when the plums are harvested from the tree. The fruits lose much of their water content during the subsequent drying process.

Whether used as a powder, as bits, diced, puree, or as concentrate – prunes contain a unique combination of nutrients that make them interesting beyond their taste. For example, they contain a high proportion of sorbitol as well as fiber and are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, copper, and potassium. Prunes are naturally sweet but low in sugar and can provide additional benefits to your products. Want to see all our prune specialties? Check our brochure.

Sauces, marinades and meat (analogues)


  • Enhance existing natural flavors, allowing for lower salt and sugar levels
  • Extend the flavours of herbs and spices and smooth out off-flavors
  • Improve yield
  • Lowering the pH
  • Retain or enhance viscosity
  • Improve adhesion of spices to protein



  • Binds moisture before and during baking, keeping the baked goods fresh longer
  • Attractive colour
  • Natural sweetness



  • Versatile snack ingredient
  • Soft texture and slightly caramelized fruity flavour
  • Flavour enhancement of snacking mix

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