The big trend in many food applications, as well as for fruit spreads is sugar reduction.This trend is driven by more consumer awareness on the digestive effect of sugar and based on the latest guidelines from the World Health Organisation suggesting a reduction in sugar intake limiting it to 10% of the daily caloric intake.

In the recent years there has been a strong development in fruitpreps towards 40 °brix, where todays innovations are moving towards 30 °brix.

The reduction of sugars in fruit spreads has several negative impacts on the finished product including a reduction in sweetness, a reduction in mouthfeel, risk of syneresis and a source of calcium on the label to obtain a firmer texture.

With three new developed and highly innovative pectins, it’s possible to cover the range between 30-50 °Brix:

  • Pectin Classic CF 713 (40-50 °Brix, no added calcium required)
  • Pectin Classic CF 714 (35-45 °Brix, no added calcium required)
  • Pectin Classic CF 715 (30-40 °Brix, no added calcium required)

What really stands out here is the fact that our pectins does not require additional calcium, but also have incredibly low syneresis and due to the level of gelling strength giving a richer mouth feel more like high Brix traditional “jams” with improved full flavour and increased fruity taste.


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