Consumers are slowly moving away from the traditional, safe flavour profiles and diving into global flavours, exciting combinations and interesting new textures. Fruit, vegetables but also botanicals are increasingly popular. Naturally this occurs across the whole food industry, but the “indulgence” category is certainly not an exception!


Travel the World

Herbs, spices and botanicals have been traded throughout history, mainly available for the elite. Technological development and global communication have brought the world closer together, resulting in instant access to flavours, products and concepts from around the world. Chocolate is a perfect starting point to pair with e.g. botanicals such as saffron, cinnamon but also flowers such as wild pansy and corn-flower (bachelor’s button). In the next years, Italian spices and flavours will become more prevalent, alongside Indian cuisine and Chinese flavours.

Berry goes Nuts

Fruit flavours continue to dominate the flavour trends, especially for spring and summer products. Health and wellness trends are becoming increasingly important, in which the combination berries and nuts play a major role, also in the indulgence category. These ingredients make the chocolate applications very attractive and shareable on digital platforms. “Out with the old, in with the new”, the traditional strawberry, raspberry or almonds are overtaken by blueberries, goji, pistachios or pecan nuts.

Mediterranean goes East

Where Mediterranean flavours in general are around for several years, a shift is noticeable towards more “eastern” focus. Collecting what’s edible and using it to interpret dishes or drinks in an innovative way is what consumers excites. By mixing flavours and botanicals, you can add value and interest to a product. It also helps to bring attention to new, obscure flavours, by mixing them with current and popular flavours. Within the indulgence category, consumers are eager to try new taste combinations. New flavours and colourings arise throughout Mediterranean flavours mixed with flavours and botanicals from the East. Within chocolate, traditional Mediterranean flavours as tomato, green olive and orange are uniquely combined with bergamot, lemongrass and  rose petals.

Look at the flavour combinations and trends linked to each other. Click on the pictures on the left to enlarge and get inspired!


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