Drying is the most common method of preservation of fruits and other sensitive products to prevent spoilage and quality decay.

European apple production has had a year of declining volumes coming from the orchards (- 20%)*. The Italian apple harvest was relatively good (< -5%) compared to the rest of Europe, but high-quality fruit for processing has been more difficult to source. Considering these market conditions, price levels remain competitive compared to other EU origins, especially for Organic quality. (source http://www.wapa-association.org/docs/2019/European_summary_reduced.pdf)



Our apple products are primarily from the North Italian regions and of the cultivar Morgenduft. Literally translated this means “morning fragrance”. Its crisp sweet and tart flavour resembles the fresh morning dew on a lovely day.

The crisp white flesh and nutrients of the apple are well preserved during the gentle drying process at temperatures below 75°C and by washing the fresh cut and peeled apples in vitamin C rich water before drying. This eliminates the need to use sulphur and makes our apple products allergen-free as well!

The all natural, allergen free apple products are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, with or without skin and naturally also Organic!

Examples of sizes we can offer:

  • With and without skin and sulphur: 3 mm, 6mm and 10 mm cubes
  • Rings, wedges, strips with and without skin
  • Drumdried apple puree (powder)


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